Creating Lifetime Digital Photo Books-Archives. Updated 

Colorado in the

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Pink Creative Shutterbug of Colorado, 

intends to Create a DIGITAL ARCHIVE/Digital Preservation of the, “Books of our Families lives!”  They Will Be Ours for Generations to come. Archive of our families Memories and lives. This labor of love, will become a part of our family Heritage, for our children’s, children.

Keep in mind these are but mere suggestions, anyone one of you, my family members, who would like to contribute pictures, memories and stories of our lives, I will welcome.

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Personal  Archiving 101. 

We will introduce Low-Cost Ways to Preserve Family Archives. 

How to To Scan Your Personal Archives Collections.  

How long will a DIGITAL Storage ARCHIVE last? 

Why will DIGITAL ARCHIVE be important to you?
The most interesting part or question for me was, how long will this archive be around? When I began researching this topic. Is that there is no concrete or solid definition for how long they will last. But another interesting topic was a part of this research. 

That topic is:  what type of digital archive file do we create? Most of us today us jpg. PNG. And so on. There is no garentee we will have these formats available a 100 yrs from today. The tech world or computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.  changes almost daily. Example, we no longer use cassette or 8, track tapes. We no longer listen to records or rarely have a land line phone any longer. Before we know it, we will all carry our music tunes digital print on our cell phones exclusively. Who knows, skies the limit, in our world today.

Many are choosing what’s called an open format digital footprint. That will have some wiggle room on how it can be accessed. Instead of just having one option to access many,of the digital images today.
Pink Creative GENIUS Shutterbug of Colorado