This Month is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

If you know someone in an abusive relationship,  please go to:


Here you find ways to support them. Listen, and have compassion. Many of us SURVIVORS, SUFFER from PDSD.  We have experienced great trauma in our lives. We sometimes do not ALWAYS react the right way, and need your loving support.  Support to get through the tough times, we get get to a place of realizing what has happened to us.

Realizing we belived a compulsive,  destructive lier. Whoes only motive to get to know better,  was to use it against us. Always planning how they will ruin our lives. 

Always believing the best in them, because of our love for them. Not knowing our Preditors are incapable of loving us. 


Burning it bright for anyone and everyone: 

Who is Experiencing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 

Or who has Ever Experienced Domestic Violence. 

Please reach put and ask someone for help.

Im here because of Gods Grace. I have chosen foregiveness. God is healing my broken heart and life.

May Peace, Mercy and Goodness follow you, All Your Days.


Wear Purple to Support Domestic Violence Awareness 

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