God’s Lessons In Our Lives


“Secret Angels”

God’s secret Angels exposing abuse and bring it into the light!

Victims of domestic violence, or sexual assault, or violence of any kind please read the attached link for secret angels.

Be safe, Livestrong! Be everything you can be today! Follow your dreams! Be encouraged be empowered and be you!



Broken inside,shattered heart
Hopeless soul
You wonder as you wake in fear
“Will I ever feel whole again
Will I ever feel unbroken,unshattered”?
You make it thru another day,thankfully you didn’t get hit
You hope tomorrow is just as good
You wake the next day
And feel different
Your ready to leave
And have the courage
Now as you spread your wings
Finally you feel

M. A. W 5-28-2017

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
So many here have been in or are still in domestic violent situations,I pray each day and night for each of you,to those still in ,I’m living proof there’s hope,and I know you can and will walk away.
Even if you have scars ,you walked out and became an elite member of

This is an quote written by a Survivor and today becomes the dedication to all who need the courage and the strength to move forward.