Broken inside,shattered heart
Hopeless soul
You wonder as you wake in fear
“Will I ever feel whole again
Will I ever feel unbroken,unshattered”?
You make it thru another day,thankfully you didn’t get hit
You hope tomorrow is just as good
You wake the next day
And feel different
Your ready to leave
And have the courage
Now as you spread your wings
Finally you feel

M. A. W 5-28-2017

Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
So many here have been in or are still in domestic violent situations,I pray each day and night for each of you,to those still in ,I’m living proof there’s hope,and I know you can and will walk away.
Even if you have scars ,you walked out and became an elite member of

This is an quote written by a Survivor and today becomes the dedication to all who need the courage and the strength to move forward.

Cyberstalking domestic violence survivors are suffering beyond the crime

“Cyber stalking & Domestic Violence”

Larimer county, USA. According to the local newspaper, Larimer county has a high number of Criminal Domestic Violence cases. Even concluded that one of them ended fatality. Our local Police department unwilling to take these Mandatory Criminal NO CONTACT ORDER OF PROTECTION against perpetrators, has victims of Domestic Violence and Intimate partner violence. Leaving those who are vulnerable, facing economic, social, and personal vulnerabilities left in more fear, and even greater concern for their safety, welfare and well being. As well as concern for their families, children and anyone close to them.

Last year 2017, I reported to police, that I was very concerned about my safety and wellbeing. Because my spouse at the time, had been GPS locating me, since I left him in early March. By the end of May, I had been located at least 3 times, that I’m aware of. Even with all my locations turned off on all my devices.

The day I was to meet the officer, I woke up 10 minutes before hand. So I called dispatch, to see about rescheduling for the afternoon. Requested the officer call me back. Instead moments later he showed up at my front door, uninvited. As I greeted him, his opening statement was, “is this about the incident with the Sheriffs office?” I responded by saying, no.

I am suffering from PTSD and CHRONIC ANXIETY. The morning time, is the hardest time of the day. I am slow to wake up, and cannot handle to much the first couple of hours of the day.

This officer clearly had another agenda, other than, to protect and serve. Little did I know, my former spouse had made statements to the Sheriffs office, that I was the perpetrator, who was assaulting him. Saying I have hit him with a closed fist, bruising him. and on, and on, and on…. blah, blah, blah.

I have learned this year that I was married to and living with a classic narcissist. I had no idea that exactly that meant, until gaining the understanding, that the classic narcissist is out for self preservation, at the same time, taking down their loved ones. The goal is to destroy them by complete character assassination, verbal assaults, psychological torture, and deformation, attempting to make theirs believe that they are the crazy one.

Well it took the officer 93 days to finally tell me, “GPS locates are not a violation of the mandatory criminal NO CONTACT ORDER OF PROTECTION against my perpetrator. Only after I had left several messages and emails, needing to know what was being done. The officer called me, only after I got his supervisor involved. I felt as though I was a victim of violent crime, I was not being heard. I believe, ” having NO CONCERN FOR MY SAFETY AND WELL BEING. ” No in fact a very different story, I was being interrogated, ” as if, I were the perpetrator. ” If my former spouse ever had sustained any injuries, in contact with me. ” It would have been in SELF DEFENSE, protecting myself from him. He had assaulted me 3 physically times during our marriage. Almost daily verbal assualts, and hours of interrogation sessions. Convinced that I was sleeping around on him. Which was nearly impossible, since we spent about 98 percent of each day together.

I learned, ” Love is blind. ” I married him, because I loved him. He is a man suffering from a broken heart. Wanting and starving to be loved. Then when someone comes along, and falls in love with him, he rejected the love. Because to reject me, believing the lies his mind made up. His mind also convinced that it would be less pain, if “he rejected me first before I rejected him.” Making it impossible to love him.



This Month is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

If you know someone in an abusive relationship,  please go to:


Here you find ways to support them. Listen, and have compassion. Many of us SURVIVORS, SUFFER from PDSD.  We have experienced great trauma in our lives. We sometimes do not ALWAYS react the right way, and need your loving support.  Support to get through the tough times, we get get to a place of realizing what has happened to us.

Realizing we belived a compulsive,  destructive lier. Whoes only motive to get to know better,  was to use it against us. Always planning how they will ruin our lives. 

Always believing the best in them, because of our love for them. Not knowing our Preditors are incapable of loving us. 


Burning it bright for anyone and everyone: 

Who is Experiencing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 

Or who has Ever Experienced Domestic Violence. 

Please reach put and ask someone for help.

Im here because of Gods Grace. I have chosen foregiveness. God is healing my broken heart and life.

May Peace, Mercy and Goodness follow you, All Your Days.


Wear Purple to Support Domestic Violence Awareness 

Creating Lifetime Digital Photo Books-Archives. Updated 

Colorado in the

@copyright Pink Creative Shutterbug💕

Pink Creative Shutterbug of Colorado, 

intends to Create a DIGITAL ARCHIVE/Digital Preservation of the, “Books of our Families lives!”  They Will Be Ours for Generations to come. Archive of our families Memories and lives. This labor of love, will become a part of our family Heritage, for our children’s, children.

Keep in mind these are but mere suggestions, anyone one of you, my family members, who would like to contribute pictures, memories and stories of our lives, I will welcome.

Picture listed above: turned and given a filter.

Personal  Archiving 101. 

We will introduce Low-Cost Ways to Preserve Family Archives. 

How to To Scan Your Personal Archives Collections.  

How long will a DIGITAL Storage ARCHIVE last? 

Why will DIGITAL ARCHIVE be important to you?
The most interesting part or question for me was, how long will this archive be around? When I began researching this topic. Is that there is no concrete or solid definition for how long they will last. But another interesting topic was a part of this research. 

That topic is:  what type of digital archive file do we create? Most of us today us jpg. PNG. And so on. There is no garentee we will have these formats available a 100 yrs from today. The tech world or computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.  changes almost daily. Example, we no longer use cassette or 8, track tapes. We no longer listen to records or rarely have a land line phone any longer. Before we know it, we will all carry our music tunes digital print on our cell phones exclusively. Who knows, skies the limit, in our world today.

Many are choosing what’s called an open format digital footprint. That will have some wiggle room on how it can be accessed. Instead of just having one option to access many,of the digital images today.
Pink Creative GENIUS Shutterbug of Colorado